Tips On Trade Show Marketing

Marketing at a trade shows can be very intimidating and very difficult to pull off. Companies must come up with a plan of actions leading to success at such events, otherwise all the efforts, time and money investments will be just wasted. But if you have a clear strategy attending trade shows can really pay of and bring you tons of benefits that are not possible to obtain

trade show marketing

After much consideration, personal experience analyze and trade show tips, news and info found at Exhibitor2013 we came up with some useful advices on trade show marketing and how to make the most out of your attendance.

The first thing you need to pay attention is branding. This is extremely important as it is the first thing people see when they approach your display. You need to make sure you have your branding over everything. Your booth must be a good representation of the work you strive to provide for your clients. Marketers recommend that you have a solid logo for your brand and place it at your booth and products you promote. This way when someone sees your brand, they will remember the positive experience they had with it at a trade show.

The next key to achieve success in trade show marketing is being approachable. I have found that a nice open trade show display is the best way to feel inviting. You want people to come on into your booth and take a look at your displays. You can find a ton of great quality banner stands, truss displays, and other exhibits and trade show products you can utilize to make your display look nice and professional. Such a display should make people feel welcomed.

Another great tip for a successful trade show is to give out some goodies. I have always found that having pens or some sort of thing to hand out has always left people feeling happy and positive. At these events, people from all walks of life and every industry are coming together to take a look at new products, and the best way for them to remember you is through some sort of giveaways or souvenirs like a pen or a cup holder.

trade show display

It can be useful to prepare some sort of internal dialogue that can help you with those trade show jitters. You need to be friendly but not too pushy when talking to customers who are approach your display. At the same time, your conversation ought to flow organically, but not too loosely. You should always invite visitors in and ask them if they have any questions for you. If you have some sort of iPad setup, you can always talk with them as they are playing around on it.

You have to be some kind of personable and try to sell yourself and your brand. You want people at the end of the day to remember your brand for being the one that they would go to if they need business. The key to this point is just being yourself and acting and dressing as a business professional.

Trade show marketing can be tough, and it comes down to having a lot of practice. The more experience you gather from the trade shows you attend, the better you’ll become at it. These are just some rough tips to consider when trying to market yourself at your next trade show!

The best booth location at a trade show

Every company, participating at a trade show, strives to have an eye-catching, attractive and prominent display. The most obvious way to achieve it is to have a booth with stunning design, vibrant graphics, audio and visual elements that are able to bring visitors in. But exhibitors should not forget that a booth location is the same important, it is one of the key elements of your success at a trade show.

trade shows

It should be mentioned that you need to pick a location for your display months before a show starts. However your motivation in selection a spot should be dictated by a target audience you want to attract:

  • If you want to attract as much attendees as possible you need to look for so called ‘hot spots’ and main flows of visitors
  • If your audience is special guests, whom your company personally invited, your tactic in selecting a spot must be the opposite – a quiet place away from a noisy crowd for comfortable negotiations and presentations.

Since most of attendants are aimed to attract more visitors, they are interested in spots where these visitors can easily find and see their displays. So where are these spots located? And what places you need to avoid.

  1. Try to locate your booth at the right side from entrance. Since most of the people are right-handed, physiologically they feel more comfortable moving counterclockwise when they go inside a room. That’s why entering an expo center they will turn right. So, locating your booth at the right side of the expo, you have more chances to be noticed. Besides, physiologists say, that people perceive objects, located on the right, as more valuable and important.
  2. Find hot spots on the floor. Companies that organize a trade show must provide you with a scheme or layout of an expo floor. Looking at this scheme you can determinate future hot spots with a maximum flow of people. Main aisles, ends of the rows, corner areas, intersections of two or more flows – such booth location you want to select.
    Depending on location you pick, you need to utilize a proper type of display:

    • linear (located in a row with adjacent stands);
    • corner (two sides are open for the view);
    • peninsula (exhibits can be displayed on three sides);
    • island (a booth surrounded by aisles from all 4 sides).
  3. Don’t select places near the entrance area. No doubt that entrance is the most crowded place but at a trade show it turns into a disadvantage. You may face too much noise, bustle, people will feel discomfort and desire to leave this area as quickly as possible, the crowds of random passer-bys will just obscure the view to people who really may be interested in visiting your display. Just getting inside a new, unfamiliar territory, people are overwhelmed with sounds and bright colors, they are not able to concentrate their attention on anything, so they tend to move further, ignoring the first displays. But in a couple of seconds they will slow their pace down and can now focus on what encounters on their way and this is where your booth needs to be.
    Beneficial booth location
  4. Take layout into account. Ignore the spots where architectural elements can obscure the view or obstruct the visitors’ movement. Keep your display away from columns, stairs, electric board. Also it may be not a great idea to locate your display next to rest-rooms and cafeterias – the flow of people will be guaranteed but probably people’s attention will be concentrated on things not related to a trade show. But if it is the only option you have at least you can try select a booth location the way that people will pass by it after they return to the show floor.
  5. Research a social ‘geography’. It is useful to know where your direct competitors locate their booths and what kind of displays they had previous years. It may be not a good idea to have an adjacent spot reserved by the competition with a huge, prominent and loud display. You can still attract some visitors but your presentation can’t yield much to competitor’s. If your budget doesn’t allow having a big and expensive booth it is better to locate your display away from such competitors.

A good booth location will bring masses of people passing by your exhibit, but a good spot won’t make the whole work for you. A poor presentation, unprofessional approach, inattentive booth staff can ruin the whole exhibition. So along with choosing the best spot make sure your display will be really interesting for visitors.

Benefits of early registration for a trade show

When planning trade show exhibits, it is important for companies to do their homework before diving into a new event. Booths must be planned carefully, and company owners, marketers, and managers must decide whether to use portable trade show stands, pop up displays, or banner stands, in addition to many other options. There is also another key factor that all businesses should consider before attending a convention or expo – the advantage that some venues have over others when it comes to promotional goals and this has to do with early registration.

registration for a trade show

Your registration fees for booth space at the convention cost money too. Always register as an early bird to get the best venue and price on a trade show stand space. Most shows will add a premium charge for submitting a booth rental order after a specified deadline. Also, evaluate your space needs and choose only the size and amenities you need. Larger booths, premium locations, and amenities like extra outlets or specialty lighting can cost more.

It might not be a good idea to register early so that you book a venue that is likely to have a lot of high-budget trade show displays if your exhibit will pale in comparison. You don’t want to set your business up for failure or have it look bad when compared to the competition. If your business is still new, it is probably a good idea to attend local or regional venues at first and test out what benefits early regestration can bring. Then, once your company grows and you have the budget for more advanced trade show exhibits, you can move up to big venues on the national and international circuits.

The location isn’t the only important factor. If your trade show installation is small, cramped and dim, visitors won’t want to stop by to see what you offer. Instead, use a design that’s open, inviting and well lit and gives attendees a chance to walk around the elements of your design. For instance, if you’re using double-sided banner stands with your trade show booth, make sure visitors can walk around all sides to see everything properly.

trade show display

The success of any event is gauged by the entrepreneurs that will be marketing their products. The more variety, the better. This can be achieved by booking a good venue by registering. Without a doubt, the registration fee should be able to cover the necessary overheads which the promoter will need to address in the organization of this project as well as generating some profit for the business.

The timing also needs to be addressed. The best time to open the event might be early afternoon or mid-morning depending on the type of crowd one expects to interest. For example: if the main theme of the show is for young people, then the best time to host the event would be after the school hours or late afternoon, so their education is not comprised unless the educational institutions will be solicited to make school trips to these events.

Viewing trade show displays are great informational tools for displaying any business product that is emerging in the market for the first time. A good representation is always a contributory factor to the success of the products being showcased. It is always an ideal marketing tool because of the visual aspect it allows.

Behind the Scenes Organizing Trade Shows

Trade show management team plays a great role in the success of the exhibitions. Whenever people interact, the environment should be maintained. It is the duty of the trade show managers to ensure the environment is conducive for different companies to showcase their products. Many people may not recognize the behind the scenes tasks of trade show organizers, but they play a crucial role in making the trade show successful. There are different companies which specialize in organizing trade shows. They carry out the planning and the overall arrangement of the trade shows. Some of the behind the scenes duties performed by the trade show union include the following:

trade show organization

Shipping and receiving of the exhibitor’s crates and pallets

The crates and pallets used in the trade shows are procured and shipped to the location by the trade show management team. The crates can be obtained from different sources, but the managers will ensure they avail the crates in time so that when the exhibitors will arrive, everything will be in order. The pallets are required for the exhibitors to have the right place where they will display their products. The exhibit management team provides all the items needed to develop raised platforms.

Organize for trade show labor

Organizing trade shows, there are always many areas where human resources are needed. For example, those who will attend the trade shows will be necessary to pay fees for them to display their items. It is upon the organizers to develop systems which will ensure fee collection is convenient for different players. The dirt which will be collected should be disposed of safely, the exhibit managers are the one required to organize and have dirt collection points so that the environment will stay clean. If you will like to provide services such as catering to those who will attend the tradeshow events, it is upon the management to offer you permission. Everything which goes on behind the scenes at the trade show is made possible by the action of the managers.

Audiovisual equipment

The equipment is required to rely on information to the trade show are produced by the management team. It is upon the team to carry out enough research and know the best audio equipment which should be used in the trade show to address the crowd. It is the duty to the management team to carry out prior testing for the equipment and ensure they are working well before the actual day of the trade show. If there is any hitch during the trade show, it is upon the organizers to fix the audiovisual equipment in time.

video for trade shows

Hire electricians

Organizing trade shows don’t forget about electricians. They are required to fix problems and supply electricity to different booths. Highly qualified electricians should do the laying of electrical cords. It is the duty of the managers to hire the best electricians who will ensure various parts of the trade showground receives electricity. The electricians can as well look for alternative sources of electricity if the main power supply fails. This will ensure the smooth running of the trade show.