The best booth location at a trade show

Every company, participating at a trade show, strives to have an eye-catching, attractive and prominent display. The most obvious way to achieve it is to have a booth with stunning design, vibrant graphics, audio and visual elements that are able to bring visitors in. But exhibitors should not forget that a booth location is the same important, it is one of the key elements of your success at a trade show.

trade shows

It should be mentioned that you need to pick a location for your display months before a show starts. However your motivation in selection a spot should be dictated by a target audience you want to attract:

  • If you want to attract as much attendees as possible you need to look for so called ‘hot spots’ and main flows of visitors
  • If your audience is special guests, whom your company personally invited, your tactic in selecting a spot must be the opposite – a quiet place away from a noisy crowd for comfortable negotiations and presentations.

Since most of attendants are aimed to attract more visitors, they are interested in spots where these visitors can easily find and see their displays. So where are these spots located? And what places you need to avoid.

  1. Try to locate your booth at the right side from entrance. Since most of the people are right-handed, physiologically they feel more comfortable moving counterclockwise when they go inside a room. That’s why entering an expo center they will turn right. So, locating your booth at the right side of the expo, you have more chances to be noticed. Besides, physiologists say, that people perceive objects, located on the right, as more valuable and important.
  2. Find hot spots on the floor. Companies that organize a trade show must provide you with a scheme or layout of an expo floor. Looking at this scheme you can determinate future hot spots with a maximum flow of people. Main aisles, ends of the rows, corner areas, intersections of two or more flows – such booth location you want to select.
    Depending on location you pick, you need to utilize a proper type of display:

    • linear (located in a row with adjacent stands);
    • corner (two sides are open for the view);
    • peninsula (exhibits can be displayed on three sides);
    • island (a booth surrounded by aisles from all 4 sides).
  3. Don’t select places near the entrance area. No doubt that entrance is the most crowded place but at a trade show it turns into a disadvantage. You may face too much noise, bustle, people will feel discomfort and desire to leave this area as quickly as possible, the crowds of random passer-bys will just obscure the view to people who really may be interested in visiting your display. Just getting inside a new, unfamiliar territory, people are overwhelmed with sounds and bright colors, they are not able to concentrate their attention on anything, so they tend to move further, ignoring the first displays. But in a couple of seconds they will slow their pace down and can now focus on what encounters on their way and this is where your booth needs to be.
    Beneficial booth location
  4. Take layout into account. Ignore the spots where architectural elements can obscure the view or obstruct the visitors’ movement. Keep your display away from columns, stairs, electric board. Also it may be not a great idea to locate your display next to rest-rooms and cafeterias – the flow of people will be guaranteed but probably people’s attention will be concentrated on things not related to a trade show. But if it is the only option you have at least you can try select a booth location the way that people will pass by it after they return to the show floor.
  5. Research a social ‘geography’. It is useful to know where your direct competitors locate their booths and what kind of displays they had previous years. It may be not a good idea to have an adjacent spot reserved by the competition with a huge, prominent and loud display. You can still attract some visitors but your presentation can’t yield much to competitor’s. If your budget doesn’t allow having a big and expensive booth it is better to locate your display away from such competitors.

A good booth location will bring masses of people passing by your exhibit, but a good spot won’t make the whole work for you. A poor presentation, unprofessional approach, inattentive booth staff can ruin the whole exhibition. So along with choosing the best spot make sure your display will be really interesting for visitors.