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Guide to radio in London and on the web  -  for listeners and for anyone making radio 

Welcome to Radio in London 
Radio station guide to help you find your way around the airwaves - and the opportunities - in London and the South East.  
Web www.radioinlondon.com
There are links to some of the best of radio available on the web, 
streaming from London, from across the UK and from around the world. 
Making radio:  if you're making radio in London and the South East of England - 
whether as part of the mainstream industry, or in your community, 
or for a particular project - we have plenty of information to 
help you on your way.

Have you...
found a good station?
~ heard a good programme?
Are you...
~ doing a community broadcast?
~ holding a training event?
If so, why not
contact us to let us know.
Plus ~ links to more information about radio in the capital.

New to London? Visit our station guide


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  Guide to London's radio - for listeners and for
 anyone making radio or working in the radio industry