Tips On Trade Show Marketing

Marketing at a trade shows can be very intimidating and very difficult to pull off. Companies must come up with a plan of actions leading to success at such events, otherwise all the efforts, time and money investments will be just wasted. But if you have a clear strategy attending trade shows can really pay of and bring you tons of benefits that are not possible to obtain

trade show marketing

After much consideration, personal experience analyze and trade show tips, news and info found at Exhibitor2013 we came up with some useful advices on trade show marketing and how to make the most out of your attendance.

The first thing you need to pay attention is branding. This is extremely important as it is the first thing people see when they approach your display. You need to make sure you have your branding over everything. Your booth must be a good representation of the work you strive to provide for your clients. Marketers recommend that you have a solid logo for your brand and place it at your booth and products you promote. This way when someone sees your brand, they will remember the positive experience they had with it at a trade show.

The next key to achieve success in trade show marketing is being approachable. I have found that a nice open trade show display is the best way to feel inviting. You want people to come on into your booth and take a look at your displays. You can find a ton of great quality banner stands, truss displays, and other exhibits and trade show products you can utilize to make your display look nice and professional. Such a display should make people feel welcomed.

Another great tip for a successful trade show is to give out some goodies. I have always found that having pens or some sort of thing to hand out has always left people feeling happy and positive. At these events, people from all walks of life and every industry are coming together to take a look at new products, and the best way for them to remember you is through some sort of giveaways or souvenirs like a pen or a cup holder.

trade show display

It can be useful to prepare some sort of internal dialogue that can help you with those trade show jitters. You need to be friendly but not too pushy when talking to customers who are approach your display. At the same time, your conversation ought to flow organically, but not too loosely. You should always invite visitors in and ask them if they have any questions for you. If you have some sort of iPad setup, you can always talk with them as they are playing around on it.

You have to be some kind of personable and try to sell yourself and your brand. You want people at the end of the day to remember your brand for being the one that they would go to if they need business. The key to this point is just being yourself and acting and dressing as a business professional.

Trade show marketing can be tough, and it comes down to having a lot of practice. The more experience you gather from the trade shows you attend, the better you’ll become at it. These are just some rough tips to consider when trying to market yourself at your next trade show!